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jill's Jottings, Issue #001 -- A Christmas Gift for you
December 24, 2014

Christmas - A Teacher Reflects

From Jill at jillsMusic

Hello Everyone

My Christmas tree has many lovely decorations, and I am reminded of the people who gave them to me at particular times in my life.

In particular, I am reminded of the children and families who have attended my music classes over the years, and the memories I have of many happy occasions. Thankyou all.

My latest one is a lovely blue sparkly bird, chosen by a 3 year old, he looks just beautiful on my tree.

My Gift - A Song for Christmas

My gift to you is this lovely "Hallelujah Christmas". Click on the image of Cloverton at the bottom.

When Christmas is over

When Christmas is over, what will we do now? JillsMusic Summer Singalong Thornleigh, 16 January 2015. Connect with music friends for the morning. Grandparents are especially welcome. See here for the Holiday Programs

I wish you and your children all the very best for the festive season. I always enjoy hearing from families about the music in their lives.

Warm regards,
Jill Holland

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Here is Cloverton and "Hallelujah Christmas" ....
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