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jill's Jottings, Issue #004 -- Birds, Colour and Jill's New Facebook
July 21, 2015

Birds, Colour and Facebook

Hello Everyone,

I am amazed at the impact of a simple story about Birds has made on my grand-daughter (not so baby now Baby SOH). See it all on my new Facebook page (link below).

From Jill at jillsMusic (Also NannyJay grandmother to Baby SOH)

How the birds got their colours

I was recently introduced to this wonderful story from the Dreamtime, and I am very keen to share it with you as I have come across it in so many ways in just the last month.

There has a been a lot of discussion about this story at our house, after my grand-daughter heard it at school. She came home and drew many pictures relating to the story, and made her own book, drawing the bird that was injured, the colourful birds, and birds with spots and stripes. We also talked about the colours of the Aboriginal flag.

I noticed a large picture relating to the story at the Australian Museum in the Kids Space for young children when we visited there recently. Also under-graduate students dramatised the story for a recent assessment complete with costumes they made themselves.

In the book, the story is as told by Mary Albert of the Bardi people who heard it from her mother, and was compiled by Pamela Lofts.

You can find the story on my NEW Facebook pages, where my granddaughter and I enjoyed watching the YouTube clip together, and she asked to see it several times. I hope you may watch it, and share it with your family.

jillsMusic Facebook Page

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Through song, we can also learn about the culture of our Indigenous people.

The Maranoa lullaby from the Aboriginal People is beautiful to sing. Inanay is another Aboriginal song from the Murri tribe, which has a strong beat to tap sticks to.

Story and song have been passed on through the oral tradition in many cultures. When we introduce children to story and song from other peoples we promote respect and appreciation of diversity.

The picture book, "How The Birds Got Their Colours" is especially colourful and appealing to children and available through the ABC Bookshop.


Acknowledgement - "How The Birds Got Their Colours" This book is based on a story told by Mary Albert, of the Bardi people, to Aboriginal children living in Broome, Western Australia. The illustrations are adapted from their paintings of the story. Mary Albert said, "Would you like to hear a story from long ago? My mother used to tell me lots of stories, but this story I loved the best, because I loved the birds."


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Keep singing,

Jill Holland
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