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Do-re-mi Music for Children - Music for Life, KMEIA

Children, Parents and Carers learning together

jillsMusic is a
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DETAILS about this Program and/or Course

Are jillsMusic Classes Online?

Yes they are.  An expert in online music education and Early Childhood music and its developmental implications, Jill enthusiastically tutors Early Childhood students in music at the University of Sydney and Macquarie University, in Sydney Australia.  Just like her Family Classes, these are interactive with clapping, singing, movement ...

JillsMusic Family Classes are also online.  The air is filled with music, clapping, loud, soft, dancing, smiles, laughter ...  Oh what fun ...

Why come to jillsMusic?

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As an early childhood professional, Jill plans her own child music lessons taking into account the needs of the children in the group.  The program is based on the Kodaly method as found in the Do-re-mi Music for Children program unique to the Kodaly Music Education Institute of Australia (KMEIA) of which Jill has been a member for many years.  Jill also uses Dalcroze principles in her program.

What do we do at jillsMusic?

The children experience music through a variety of songs and rhymes suitable to their age.

The music experience is complemented by a variety of percussion instruments that takes into account the children's developing abilities.

A wide variety of colourful resources, for example puppets, scarves, a feltboard, and balls recognize children’s different learning styles and ways of musical expression, and enhance the music experience.

How does the Class work?

Carers and their children participate together in the music class.  This enables the adult to learn the songs, rhymes and games so that the music experience then becomes part of the child’s everyday life. 

Where there is more than one child from the family in the group, it is beneficial to have another adult attend the group, particularly for toddlers (1-2 years).

During these COVID times Classes also run on ZOOM.  Family ZOOM Classes are enjoyed in the space of your favourite room at home.

With a ZOOM Class, join from ANYWHERE in Australia, New Zealand or Asia.

How do the age groups differ?

Babies and Toddlers
Jill leads the group through music experiences which are one on one and emphasise the carer’s role as the child’s most important teacher.

Twos and Preschoolers
The child music activities gradually become more challenging as the children become older.  The activities promote the child’s developing independence, by encouraging individual participation whilst playing and singing in fun games.  It is best for this process to occur naturally as children feel comfortable and when they are ready.

Children over 2 years collect pictures that relate to the songs and rhymes learnt during the class, and can be referred to at home.  These are very popular with the children, and some children keep these books for some years.

Contact Jill now

Jill’s Music Studios
Child Music Specialist
'children’s music with passion'

Eastern Suburbs Area at Woollahra and
North Shore Hornsby Area at Thornleigh
Sydney Australia

Or ZOOM ... From Anywhere !!

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