The jillsMusic Wordpress Child Music Blog Introduces ...NannyJay & BabySOH

This is a Wordpress Child Music blog with a REAL difference !

NannyJay and Baby SOH

Introducing NannyJay.

A Grandmother with a love for music who is forever observing the positive impact of Music on children, in particular Babies and Toddlers.

Introducing BabySOH.

Baby SOH is NannyJay's grand-daughter. She is new to the family and really enjoys listening and interacting with Music.

This is a journey of how a Grandmother (and a Mother) is finding that Music can be a connecting glue in families: sharing moments, learning and rejoicing together ...

The pure Joy of Music.

Why not JOIN the Journey ...

Follow and join in with NannyJay & BabySOH as they journey together, here in this special Wordpress Child Music Blog ...

Join NannyJay & BabySOH - you are most welcome.

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