Baby Music

Music for Babies Course

Your voice can be the best baby music !!

Baby Music means fun together !!


I know ... so parents want to offer their children the very best.

I have become a grandmother this year, and I look forward to participating with baby in the songs, rhymes and the baby music I use in my own classes. Nothing but the best after all for my own grandchild!!

How does the baby experience baby music?

Adult and child participate in:

  • bouncing rhymes and songs
  • tapping and tickling games
  • lullabies
  • classical, folk and contemporary recorded music segments
The adult’s movements, whether they are bouncing, tapping, dancing or rocking, transfer the feeling of beat to the child, so that when they are older they can reproduce it themselves.

Your voice is important

I encourage you to learn the rhymes/songs because it is really important for the baby to hear the voice of a significant person in their lives, so that they too will find their own singing voice when they are older.

Singing is very important in the development of musicality, and is central to the Kodaly way of learning about music.

CD’s are a great resource, however, nothing can replace the closeness that comes from being able to sing to your own baby, a song or melody you love.

Babies like to tap drums, shake shakers and hear their name in a song

I have seen little babies who love to tap the drum, and experiment with a variety of sound shakers. They love to hear their name in a song with a ball, or when we sing hello and goodbye.

Body awareness

Tapping feet, noses, tummies and other body parts develops body awareness, and often a feeling for the beat. Baby music with a difference.


Small groups and Classes at JillsMusic mean individual attention for you and your child, and a relaxed atmosphere where you and your baby can have fun learning together.

INDIVIDUAL sessions with Jill

Can be arranged if you do not feel ready for a group experience.

  • Make the most of your baby’s first and second year
  • Enhance your parenting experience

Early childhood music specialist
Nurturing music in the early years

From A Parent Of A Two Year Old And A Toddler

"Jill's music has inspired me to use music as a scaffolding for my parenting; My little one loves the classes, in which Jill always approaches music and the kiddies in a developmentally appropriate way.

In our house, we use ideas, songs, and games learned in Jill's classes to make everyday tasks easier and more fun (such as changing nappies, stopping on command and so on), and even use them to turn approaching tantrums into laughter !! Rarely an hour passes at home when my nearly two year old doesn't gleefully sing Jill's songs as an accompaniment to her play.

Through the classes my two year old is beginning to learn social skills. I highly recommend Jill's classes to any parent who wants to foster in their little one a love of music, and who wants to form a warm playful attachment to their child (or between siblings).

Thanks Jill !!"

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