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I thank the parents and carers for their kind words in these testimonials ...

Learning music foundations, musicianship and fun to share together
I have really enjoyed taking my two-and-a-half year old son, James, to Jill’s Music for many reasons, mostly because it’s a fun activity we can share together. Even if he’s not always the best behaved child in class, he always wants to go to Music and talks about Jill and music class during the week.

Through Jill’s music classes James is learning the foundations of music and musicianship. The classes are developmentally appropriate and really stimulating, and based on real knowledge of what children at different ages can learn. Jill’s patience and understanding with James and all the other children is extraordinary, and her passion for good music is really inspiring. I feel I have learned just as much about children’s development as James has about music!

James has learnt to dance to the beat, to sing (nearly in tune!) and to play basic instruments such as sticks, bells and drums. He has learnt lots of great traditional songs that I learnt (and forgot) from my childhood, and been exposed to a far wider variety of music than he gets at home. I attribute his memory for songs and the way he makes up his own little songs to the classes he has with Jill.

James has also developed social skills I did not expect. He listens and follows instructions, waits to take his turn, appreciates when other children are having their turn – in short, he is learning fundamental social skills as well. This is not the sort of behaviour I expected from a two year old!

I really recommend Jill’s Music for anyone who wants their child to experience the joys of music and give them a start in something that will enrich their child for their whole life. Plus it’s great fun and a great way to spend some special time with your child!
~ Leanne

Babies, fun and growth
I would like to express my gratitude to Jill for the joy my son Finn and I have experienced while attending her music class for babies and toddlers. Finn is 17 months old and we have been attending Jills music program since Finn was 6 months old.

It is such a wonderful, interactive program for both the parent and child. It has been a delight to see how my son has responded to the music and musical activities and has been a great source of interaction for him with other toddlers.

Jill’s class has also shown me how wonderful music is to my child’s development. Through the music program Finn has developed excellent listening skills, responds to rhythms and beats, recognises songs, nursery rhymes and follows along with actions. More than that though, he really enjoys himself at every class and is excited every time we are there. He has grown from being such a shy baby to a confident, rowdy and active participant in the group of toddlers.

Jill teaches in such a way that both the child and parent feel comfortable. She is encouraging to both and it is apparent that she genuinely enjoys what she does. I personally have learnt a lot from Jill and have come to see how important, fun and joyful learning through music can be.

It is with great sadness that we will no longer be able to attend classes due to the fact that we are moving to New Zealand. However I take much away with me and will use what I have learnt from our time there.
~ Stacey

Fostering self-confidence and individual growth
"I looked at a lot of other music classes before discovering yours, and I’m so glad I found you! We have had such a fabulous time over the past 2 years and I look forward to bringing my second child along soon. I’ve really enjoyed watching my daughter’s confidence grow in such a happy environment. She is always excited to come to your class! You understand so well that each child learns at a different pace and have tailored the classes with each individual child in mind. It’s been an excellent learning experience for me too!"
~ Kate

"After 5 months of music classes with Jill our 2 year old Dominic has made great advances in his speech, self confidence and physical co-ordination, and most importantly "Jill" has become the highlight of Dominic's week."
~ Nicole

"Our only child Yasmin has speech and understanding problems. Over the course of the music program, she had improved greatly. Now she can sing dozens of songs. Thank you Jill!"
~ Silvia & Family

Love of Music
"Jill’s music classes have been a joy and inspiration for myself and my son. Jill has encouraged a love of music, song and dance that we will enjoy for a lifetime."
~ Nadia

"Our son Connor has attended Jill's music classes for the past 12 months. We have found Jill to be an inspiring, dedicated and challenging teacher. She has help develop Connor's interest in music and he has learned a great deal during the time. We would strongly recommend Jill's music classes for all children."
~ Teresa

"My daughter Vivinenne loved your music class very much, can sing beautifully with passion. It's great fun to watch her sing and dance and enjoy music."
~ Liping

From a Grandmother
"I would like to thank you for the wonderful work you have done with my grandchildren. It has been fascinating to watch the development of all the children over the past eighteen months. I am amazed at the skills they are displaying in their listening and response to music, their rhythm, and their participation in various musical activities, as most of them have barely turned two. Of course, the children's carers have also learnt a great deal, and I really enjoyed the experience."
~ Carolyn

From a Nanny
"Jill is an exceptional teacher. She gave the children confidence in their abilities. The classes had variety and were able to captivate the children and were a joyful experience."
~ Kay, nanny of a 3 year old

Music in the home
"My husband and I have had no musical training and so bringing both our children to Jill for music lessons has been invaluable not only bringing music to our children’s lives, but also showing us how to enjoy music at home with them.
Both of the children have thoroughly enjoyed music class and we feel that we have been so fortunate to have had such a wonderful teacher in Jill."
~ Leesa, Mother of toddler

"My daughter (20 months) and I have both loved every week of your classes. Nia sings all the songs at home and can’t wait to get to music on Fridays."
~ Janelle

"A great experience for both my son and myself. I loved learning all the songs, the variety and watching Mark grow each week. Seeing his face light up at home whenever I mentioned going to music with Jill is testimony in itself."
~ Thanks, Kylie (Mother of toddler)

Music from the baby stage
"Jill gave my Daughter a wonderful introduction to music from 8 months of age. She gave us the ideas, inspiration and tools to bring music into our home and our lives in a thoroughly enjoyable way for all."
~ Janine

Music for fun
"Jill’s classes have provided an entertaining introduction to music rhythm and movement. The children participate happily and we are excited every time we arrive at the class. It's great."
~ Zoe

Mother of 5 year old
"I just want to say how wonderful your classes are. I am thrilled that Oliver has been exposed to Classical music in a way that interests him and now has a way to access it. Even as a musician I was not able to give him that."
~ Mother of 5 year old

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