Music For Preschool Child
3 - 5 Years

Considering music for preschool child?

As parents, we often wonder what are the best musical experiences we can offer to children in these early years, to nurture their love of music and/or their ability to read and play a musical instrument.

Should children be introduced to a pitched instrument such as a piano or violin?

Children can be introduced to these instruments at a very young age. The placement of hands and fingers and learning the technique of how to play an instrument is an important part of the process. This requires regular practise at any age.

Is it suitable for the preschool child?

Children will learn the technical skills of an instrument when they are ready, and about 6 or 7 years of age.

In the meantime, we can prepare the young child by introducing them to a range of music concepts through singing and movement. These learning activities sustain the children’s interest, train their musical ear and develop a sense of musicality which can be transferred to an instrument when they are older.

Musical activities that are too advanced for children may mean children lose interest before they have hardly begun the musical journey. Learning to play a piano mechanically, such as one learns a typewriter, does not engender the joy and love for music that can be achieved through singing games and movement, in the hands of a competent early childhood music specialist.

How does a quality early childhood program based on the Kodaly method, develop a tuneful ear and a sense of rhythm, for preschool children?


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