Learn How To Sing And
Singing By Themselves

In the preschool classes we have been doing various activities to learn how to sing and to encourage the development of the singing voice, and I have really enjoyed listening to the children’s voices as they become more confident and start to sing more in-tune.

These strategies have implemented according to the work of Dr John Feierabend. These songs are learnt in class and can be sung at home for a meaningful music experience for adult carer and child.

Pitch Activities

Echoing the song whistle sounds takes very little time at the start of the lesson, and really helps the children find those higher sounds in their voices. Many other fun ideas start the class and develop this ability.

Echo songs

Echo songs, in which children repeat the phrase of a song sung by the teacher, first as a group, then individually when the song is known, provide a safe and happy environment for children to start singing alone.

Call and response songs

These songs enable children to sing short phrases as in question and answer songs.

Making up their own songs

I have also very much enjoyed listening as the older preschool children (4 - 5 years) start to make up their own songs. You may notice children doing this at home in their play. We do it in class in response to questions such as “What did you have for breakast?”.

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