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Hello, my name is Jill, and I am passionate about music for children and families, that empowers them to bring music into their every day. You can see my involvement in children's music here and here.

Families have FUN 
and begin their musical journey using their first instrument, their voice.  

Small groups 
meet the needs of individual children, and promote musical skills in singing, moving, dancing and playing percussion.  Music is an aural art, and learning to listen is a wonderful preparation for starting school.  

Children birth to 5 years 
are inspired by folk, contemporary and classical repertoire that will nurture children’s love of music, and has stood the test of time.

Classes are inclusive , and family friendly packages 
mean quality music is affordable for all.

You can even Meet The Music in Jill's NEW Saturday Morning Music Classes.
A great place to try music.

Contact me  today, for fun in a Try Music class, and give your children the gift of music.  

Nationally Accredited Teacher and Lecturer,
Kodaly Music Education Institute of Australia.

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