Early Childhood Education and Music

Bringing International Learnings To Sydney

Child Music Specialist from Birth to 5 Years

Jill has had the opportunity to meet with leaders in Early Childhood Music Education from all around the world, and brings the latest thinking and music teachers resources to all her Classes and Training.

Planning for Helsinki, Finland 

Jill is planning to attend the ISME World Conference is Finland in July 2020.

Presented Research Paper in Perth, Australia

In October 2019, presented Research Paper in Perth, Western Australia for the Australian Society of Music Education at the National Conference.

Presented Research Paper in Perth, Australia

In 2018, presented a Research Paper in Perth, Western Australia.

Co-Presented Research Paper in Nazareth, Israel

In 2018, co-presented a Research Paper in Nazareth, Israel for ECME / ISME World Conference.  Conference theme: Life’s Journey Through Music

Paper: Journeys Toward Empowerment - Educators Sharing Their Musical Cultural Identities With Children

Published: Inaugural issue of the International Journal of Music in Early Childhood

Co-Presented Research Paper in Amsterdam

In 2016, co-presented a Research Paper in Amsterdam, The Netherlands for the ECME / ISME World Conference.

Paper: Meaningful Musical Beginnings - Bringing Music into the Curriculum and Culture of Early Childhood Education and Care

Tutoring new teachers at Macquarie University, Sydney since 2014.

Training Early Childhood teachers in their Centres since 2015

Participating in the Kodaly International Conference in Kescemet, Hungary in July 2013

Co-Presenting a Workshop at Kodaly International Conference Adelaide Australia October 2012

Discussant/Facilitator at the ISME World Conference Greece in July 2012

Presented at OMEP Conference Hong Kong

In 2011 Jill co-presented on Research undertaken with a Faculty Member of Macquarie University, Sydney at the OMEP World Conference in Hong Kong on 7 July 2011.

OMEP means Organización Mundial para la Educación Prescolar which is Spanish for World Organisation for Early Childhood Education

Presented at ISME World Conference Beijing

In 2010 Jill presented on Research being undertaken with a Faculty Member of Macquarie University, Sydney at the ISME World Conference in Beijing, China in July-August 2010.

This Conference enabled Jill to consider and utilise the relevant international trends, developments and innovative thinking about early childhood music for her Classes in Sydney, Australia as she nurtures music in the early years.

ISME World Conference in Bologne Italy

In 2008 to keep up to world trends in music education and early childhood music education Jill attended theISME World Conference in Bologne Italy and the ISME World Conference - Early Childhood in Rome Italy

National KMEIA Conference in Canberra

National KMEIA Conference in Canberra, Australia "Bloom with Music" which was special event coinciding with the major floral festival of Floriade and the National Kodaly Choral Festival

Early Intervention Group using Child Music

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