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There are so many questions about child songs, instruments ...
This Section will answer YOUR questions on Early Childhood and the role of music.

Tell me about the place of
instruments and young children
What happens in Baby music classes?
When will my child be ready to learn an instrument?

What should be the first instrument?

See, hear, feel & ENJOY children's musical instruments at a Toddlers Proms?

What happens in Toddler music classes of 2 to 3 year olds?
How are children introduced to music in the Kodaly Method?  What happens in the Preschool music class?
What is Kodaly music education?

Tell me about the place of
instruments and young children

"Kodaly (Hungarian), Dalcroze (Swiss) and Orff (German) are world renowned musicians and music educators and each agree that :

    · the most important musical instruments are the child’s own voice and body.
    · The development of the listening ear is essential in music education.
    · Children need to experience and understand musical concepts before learning to symbolize them in music notation later on.
    · Music learning needs to start early and is for all children.
    · The development of inner hearing of music, musical memory, co -ordination of mind and body and improvising are all important in music education."

(Doreen Bridges, Music Young Children and You, 1994, p. 126)

I have produced a program to nurture musical learning in a variety of ways – moving to lots of different music either recorded or vocal to develop children’s inner musicality, songs and rhymes some of which children will learn to say by themselves, others for parents to sing or play at home, AND playing instruments in a variety of ways.

The use of instruments in music is important to me as well because I know that children love to use them, they are lots of fun, and as a teacher of these young children I use instruments where they are most appropriate and where children can succeed.

Some instruments such as a triangle are quite difficult for children of this age and it is important that children do their own music making without too much help from adults.

There are always opportunities before the class to experiment with instruments individually (and toys) but it is important to come early in this regard. This gives children time to experiment by themselves without the pressure to give the instrument up in a hurry to someone else.

Other instruments such as drums, sticks, clappers that we have used in class allow children to experiment with beat in a way suitable to their developmental level. There are lovely songs and child songs to sing with shakers and bells however it is not always easy to express beat with these.

In short, the children experience an all round music education based on sound music educational principles, which includes the use of instruments. Both yours and your child’s enjoyment is important in this regard.

Jill Holland
jillsMusic Studios

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