What Happens In Toddler Music Classes
for 2 to 3 year olds?

In my toddler music classes carers and children continue to have fun learning about music in a supportive atmosphere. With time, children are encouraged to sing words or phrases from familiar songs and rhymes, and experiment with their voice such as making animal and vehicle sounds.

Children are introduced to music which supports their developing motor skills, with slightly longer listening, and musical instruments which require more control, such as castanets and tambourines.

Children are given a picture each week relating to a song or rhyme to take home and then bring back to class in a small book, developing music memories.

The children are introduced to games which develop confidence such as walking by themselves during a song, or involve co-operating with others, such as moving together in a circle.

At this stage, the emphasis is on hearing music and responding to it, using the body and the voice as the children’s first instruments. This is based on sound music education principles.

Pitched instruments require technique and co-ordination, which children can readily learn when they are older.

Now is the time to develop a love of music and listening skills. This is the Kodaly music way.

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