What Happens At Toddler Proms?

Recently, many of my students under 5 years visited the Toddler Proms of the Sydney Youth Orchestra (SYO). These are held throughout the year at various locations around Sydney.

What a great time we all had together!

Children attend the concerts with their parents and carers, and can choose to sit on the floor close to the orchestra, or on chairs with their parents.

The SYO Toddler Prom was a BUZZ of excitement from start to finish.

I loved the way the concert was so appropriate for young children from babies to 7 years in the following ways:

  • The young musicians stood and played their instruments when their turn came in the first piece, Bolero, a famous piece by Ravel.

  • Mark Brown, the conductor on our visit, introduced the different groups of instruments to the audience. I had no idea there was so many different saxophones!

  • The conductor demonstrated a simple form of conducting, and some lucky children, as young as 3 or 4 years, were fortunate to
    conduct the orchestra themselves for a brief period.

    How exciting was that!

  • Children heard the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, with instrumental accompaniment.

    Baby Bear

    was represented by the flute
    Mother Bear by the saxophone and
    Father Bear by the low sounding tuba.

  • Children and their parents were able to walk through the orchestra as the young musicians played. They could observe how the instruments were played and listen to the different sounds of the instruments. What a great experience for young and old.

  • Children were encouraged to respond actively to the music by dancing or clapping.

  • Children listened to the tune of well-known songs, such as Twinkle, Playschool, and Happy Birthday, and identified them if they could.

  • After the concert, young musicians invited children to make a sound by blowing across the mouthpiece of a flute. I tried too!

  • The children observed young people aged 14 – 22 doing a fabulous job of playing a variety of orchestral instruments, which provides a wonderful role model to the younger children.

  • Young musicians also benefitted by performing for others.

These are held throughout the year at various locations around Sydney. See Sydney Youth Orchestra at www.syo.com.au

The easiest way to know when the next Proms are on, is to check out my page on Music Events or subscribe to my RSS in the left bar on most pages.

Maybe I'll see you along some time.

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