What happens in the preschool Music class?

In my preschool music class, carers and children continue to have fun learning about music in a supportive atmosphere. The class is longer, appropriate to the children’s developmental level, with a lot of variety.

Children are introduced to more challenging music games, that continue to gently encourage individual participation, such as using high and low voices with a puppet or animal, suggesting words to sing in songs, or games that discriminate between the sounds of different sound makers. They are introduced to games which develop further confidence and social skills in the music setting.

Activities are introduced to encourage children to explore the high and low sounds of their voice, and short limited range songs which facilitate in-tune singing. Other songs develop an awareness of pitch.

Children continue with their music book. In addition to encouraging them to sing songs or say rhymes, the children are develop discrimination skills by listening to the melody of a song and finding its picture.

At this stage, the emphasis is on hearing music and responding to it, using the body and the voice as the children’s first instruments. This is based on sound music education principles.

Pitched instruments require technique and co-ordination, which children can readily learn when they are older.

Now is the time to develop a love of music and aural skills.

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