How Does The Kodaly Method
Introduce Children To Music?

The Kodaly method is world renowned in music education.

Zoltan Kodaly (Hungarian), Jacques Dalcroze (Swiss) and Orff (German) are world renowned music educators, each one with a different emphasis in their approach. However, they all share the belief that a child’s most important instruments are their voice and body, and that the development of the listening ear is the most important in early training.

This is achieved in Kodaly music education through the development of singing. Through singing games, moving games, listening games, creative games and percussion, children are encouraged to really hear, understand and express themselves through music. The school aged child can then symbolise what they are hearing, and music literacy is developed.

The Do-re-mi program, developed by the Kodaly Music Education Institute of Australia (KMEIA) and based upon the Kodaly approach, is outstanding in the sequential nature of the music learning experience. KMEIA is comprised of dedicated professionals that provide high quality training to teachers of children 0 – 18 years.

Teachers are accredited and not franchised.

Want the best way to introduce children to music?
Introduce music to your child through a Kodaly music education and a dedicated accredited professional.

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