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Jill is a passionate educator in Early Childhood music.

Jill is in touch with world trends in early childhood music and brings those trends that are relevant to her Classes, mentoring undergraduate students on professional experience at the University of Sydney and Macquarie University, and Early Childhood teacher training.

Her avid interest in the expansive benefits of music at the beginning of life are seen in her Classes, her research participation and previously in her tutoring for the University of Sydney and Macquarie University, and privately when training Early Childhood teachers.  She also mentors off-shore students for the University of Sydney on professional experience and in 2009 was music consultant to the Wiggles with Dr Louie Suthers.

Jill has been very interested in the impact of music when a baby is in the womb.

Early Childhood Music Education Commission (ECME)


Jill was excited to be invited to be a Commissioner of the Early Childhood Music Education Commission, of the International Society of Music Education, in 2020.  She regularly meets with the other 5 commissioners around the world on ZOOM, to plan for the virtual seminar to be held in July 2022.  Commissioners come from universities in the USA, UK, Israel, Spain and Finland.  The appointment is for 6 years.

The commission is the peak international research body in Early Childhood Music Education

Mission of ECME:  to share and promote current ideas in early childhood music education that are based on research and best pedagogical practices, ensuring every child's right to musical development, thereby enhancing children's lives.

Here is a Snapshot of Jill

B Ed. (ECH). Dip Teach (ECH). Dip Teach (Primary)
Member Golden Key International Honour Society

Australian Kodaly Certificate in Music Education

Journal article published in peer reviewed journal

Niland, A.and Holland, J. (2019).  Journeys toward empowerment: Educators sharing their musical cultural identities with children.  International Journal of Music in Early Childhood,  14(1), 71-88, doi:10.1386/ijmec.14.1.71_1

Research Projects

Co-researcher with Dr Amanda Niland,  Early Childhood Mentor and Practitioner, Banksia, Gumnut and Waratah Cottages, Early Learning Centres, Macquarie University.  Children Birth to 5 years.  2014 – 2022.  

Early Childhood Teaching Practitioner, children birth – 5 years.  Oasis Youth Support Program, Salvation Army, 2009 – 2010, working together with Dr Peter Whiteman, Institute of Early Childhood, Macquarie University, in a community research project.

Researcher - co-contributor to Research with Dr Peter Whiteman, Macquarie University, presenting findings in Beijing and co-presenting in Hong Kong

Co-contributor to a Paper submitted to Harvard University.

Session Facilitator (Discussant) at International Society of Music Educators, Corfu Greece

Involved in International Music Conferences in Hungary, Italy, Australia

Member, International Society of Music Educators

Accredited teacher, birth - 8 years, Kodaly Music Education Institute of Australia

Jill has studied early childhood music with Dr John Feierabend, from the Hartt School Of the University of Hartford, USA, when he visited Australia in 2009 and 2000. He is a world leader in early childhood music education, from music for babies to the teenage years. He is both a song collector and researcher in his field.

Early Childhood Music Experience

Undergraduate Tutor in Music Education, University of Sydney, 2019 – 2021.

Undergraduate Tutor in Music Education, Macquarie University, 2013 – 2018.

Early Childhood Teaching Practitioner, Macquarie University Music Program for Children

Presenter at Conferences

Co-presenter at the OMEP conference, Hong Kong, 2011, Meeting the Learning and Development Needs of Our Young Citizens,together with Dr Whiteman and Dimitri Poulos, Psychologist regarding the Oasis Young Parents Music Program

Poster Presentation, Early Childhood Music Education Commission of the International Society of Music Educators, Beijing, 2010, regarding the Oasis Young Parents Program with children birth – 5 years

Professional Development Trainer

Early Childhood Music Professional Development for Early Childhood Staff, specialising in birth – 5 years, for: Abbotsleigh Early Learning Centre, Sir Phillip Baxter Child Care Centre, Woollahra (Benevolent Society), Cranbrook St Marks Preschool, Darling Point, Moriah College, Abbotsford Long Day Care, New Train Family Day Care, Kindergarten Union Children's Services.


Music for Playgroups and Mothers Groups

Children with Additional Needs

Jill believes in the value of inclusion, and has taught children with Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, Downs Syndrome and Developmental Delay within normal music groups together with their parents in the group.

Playgroup practical experiences

Co-leader, Castle Hill Baptist Church Playtime, 3 years

Active participant in Playgroup for many years.

Ku-ring-gai Family Day Care, organising playgroups 3 days per week at their Acron Road Centre, 4 years

Julie Wylie Workshop, Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, February 2012

Jill met Julie in Rome, at the International Society of Music Education, Early Childhood Music Seminar. Julie is from New Zealand and records wonderfully developmentally appropriate music for children birth – 5 years.

Jill was instrumental in bringing Julie to Sydney to present a workshop for KMEIA NSW. She presented an all day workshop to 40 teachers from private and public early childhood centres in February 2012, at Penrith.

Jill goes further as a specialist to ask “WHY AND HOW DO WE TEACH WHAT WE TEACH?”, by looking at the research in the early childhood music field.

JillsMusic in the Eastern Suburbs and Northern Suburbs of Sydney

Contact me: https://www.jillsmusic.com/contact-me.html

Stay on top of what is happening in Early Childhood music internationally and in Sydney with ….

jillsMusic Blog https://www.jillsmusic.com/child-music-blog.html

Follow my musical journey with my granddaughter Baby SOH from the early days. A practical record of the fun and value of music with ….

Jills Blog: www.nannyjay.wordpress.com

Jill values child safety, and has a valid Working with Children Check.
Please enquire for further information.



KMEI 2008 National Conference

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