Gregory Griggs
The Best Bounce Rhyme!

Gregory Griggs is a lovely rhyme for bouncing babies on the knees. You can do it sitting on a chair, or on the floor.

Bouncing rhymes like this one have been passed down through the generations for us to enjoy. Gregory Griggs, its a lot of fun!

Gregory Griggs Gregory Griggs (bounce on knees)
Has 27 different wigs. (bounce)
He wore them up (move knees up as comfortable)
He wore them down (back down)
To please the people of the town (bounce)
He wore them east (lean to one side)
He wore them west (lean to other side)
But never could tell which he liked best. (bounce)

Your Baby will feel lots of lovely beats together with you. When older, your Baby will be able to bounce a bear to the rhyme and do the actions. Let’s keep bouncing .... I hope your Baby likes it too.

Support Baby’s head while bouncing until your Baby can do it herself.

Enjoy this Bounce Rhyme and have fun !

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