Dalcroze Open Day at the Dalcroze Summer School, 2008

Jill left inspired ...

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Today, I feel blessed to have participated in the Open Day of the Dalcroze Summer School in Glebe, Sydney Australia. Participants attended from Hong Kong, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand and interstate.

As a participant, I was personally reminded of the creativity, freedom and joy that comes from moving to music.

In the workshop with Dr. Louise Mathieu, guest teacher from Quebec, I was challenged to move through space both individually, and as a member of a couple and a group. I responded to changes in rhythm and tempo with whole body movements, it was such fun! Tennis balls were also part of the action!

I witnessed beautiful sequences of movement created by adult students in response to music and song, using balloons and a long piece of flowing fabric, how wonderfully they were used.

The improvisation session with Joan Pope, President of Dalcroze Australia, was amazing. Using the rhythm patterns of their birthday, students created musical pieces vocally and on a variety of instruments, including piano, flute, guitar, tuba and metallophone.

There will always be more to learn about music, and I feel truly blessed by those I have met along the way and the inspiration they give me as a teacher.

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